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Incorrect results whilst filtering - zero values



I have a simple table that has an ID column and the count of activities completed. The activity count is a measure in the FACT ACTIVITY TABLE. 

The table has a few page filters on it, such as status = yes, only certain types of activities selected which come from DIMENSION tables.


I have a SITE slicer, so I can see the list of ID's and what number of activities they have done, per site. So I can change the SITE slicer to SITE A - this then only shows me the ID's related to SITE A and so on. This works as it should if the value is 1 or above. But for anyone that has zero activities - I get the whole list of ID's - no matter which site I chose, when I get to zero's I get all the ID's for every site. Why is it working correctly for values 1 or above (site filter) but not for zero's!? We want to specifically see those on Zero.


Please help it is driving me crazy!


Thank you in advance





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Hi thanks for reply, sorry thought that might be the case.


Cant really upload a file its got all our companies information in it.


I have a table visual, and a slicer that has site field from another table. The slicer filters my table results by site when the value of my measure is 1 or above, but when the value is zero - it doesnt give me the zero's just for that site - it gives me zeros for the entire list of id's. I just want to see the zero's for the site I have picked in my slicer. The slicer works if the value is 1 or above (it filters the ID's by site). 



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Super User

It's a bit difficult to work out what you are asking. Is this related to a table visual?

Can you show your model and some screenshots to explain your problem please?


If it's easier, post a link to your pbix and I'll have a look (This is the quickest solution)

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