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Importing Tabular Model in PowerBI Dektop

Hi everyone,


I have an issue, importing a Tabular Model into Power BI Desktop. I have read about similar questions within this forum, however I think my question is slightly different:


I have made a Tabular Model, in which I inserted some tables with relevant data. Within the model, we created some relations between the different tables. 
I want to import this Tabular Model into Power Bi, keeping the relations that we have created in the original model. However, when I import the Tabular Model, I lose the relations that I created, thus getting different results, in relation to the results that I obtain, when I extract the results directly from the Tabular Model (which is the option Live Connect)


I do need to use the Import option, since the reports that I deliver are published outside my organization, thus not being able to Live Connect with the Tabular Model. 


My question is: " is there a possibility to import a Tabular Model in PowerBI, which contains the original relations created within it? If yes: what are the steps to take, to be able to succesfully import the Tabular Model as described above?


Thanks for your reply!
Kind regards,
Jurgen van Geest 


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Is there a reason you can't just recreate the relationships in the Power BI model?


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Check for auto detect, else you have to do it manually. refer this


Hi there!

Auto detect doesn't work, since the relations that I established in the Tabular Model, dissapear when I imported the model in Power BI.


I could manually re-establish the relations in PowerBI. However, I would prefer not doing so, since there are various reasons to model the  data as close to the source as possible.


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