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Ignore Date Slicer for completed Projected displaying the visual




I am displaying "Total cost" against Project and having one Slicer for Weekly "CutOff date". 

While selecting CutOff Date from Slicer, those projects which already completed in prvious week with their corresponding CutOff date are not displaying on the Visual which is logically correct behaviour of Slicer and visual. 

But in my requirement, I have to ignore Slicer selection for the specific completed Project and want to keep dispalying those project and its Cost on the visual. 

For you understanding kindly have a look at attached sample sanshot. 


Thanks in advance,. 


Ignore Slicer cutoff date.JPGIn progress.JPG


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Hi Ashish,
For the time being I solved the my probleme by addinng below additinoal colum, but it will not work case if another project suppose project "C" completed then I will have to mention this project in DAX  as well...

So can you advise that how can i make it dynamic?

Ignore Completed Cutoff Date = if (AND (data[Weekly CutOff Date] = Value ("27-Jan-23"), data[Project]= "B"),MAXX(data, data[Weekly CutOff Date] ),data[Weekly CutOff Date] )


Project B ignored.JPGData Table.JPG

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Hi Ashish,

I was not able to share the pbix file and its downloadble link. Below is my sample data that i used in PBI as mentioned in previous screnshot.  

Can you please load the same data and try with it, if it works for you. 


ProjectWeekly CutOff DateTotal Cost (M $)Status
A3-Feb-232000000In Progress
A27-Jan-233000000In Progress
A20-Jan-231500000In Progress
A13-Jan-234000000In Progress
A6-Jan-235000000In Progress
B20-Jan-234000000In Progress
B13-Jan-235000000In Progress
C6-Jan-233000000In Progress
C3-Feb-233000000In Progress
C27-Jan-231500000In Progress
C20-Jan-234000000In Progress
C13-Jan-235000000In Progress


Someone else will help you with this.

Ashish Mathur
Super User
Super User


I am not sure how much i can help but i would like to try.  Share the download link of the PBI file.

Ashish Mathur

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