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Helper II
Helper II

IN/OUT calcule


I want to calculat the IN and OUT of my stock for 1 week.
I have already try that but it's more complicated than we think.

For exemple I have this table:

ArticleName articleWeek InWeek out
9Gdrive shaft2023-012023-03


In this case I want to count all OUT in 2023-03 week and all IN in 2023-03 week. After that I want to calcule CURRENT measure which equals the sum of all IN <= current week less than the sum of all OUT <= current week.
If we take the 2023-01 week we obtain: 5 IN & 1 OUT so CURRENT = 4.
I hope than someone can help me because I block on this problem and I don't find a solution.


Frequent Visitor

Yes, I have a week table.

would you mind providing the sample data for it here?

I want to send the files but I don't know how I can send it ?

I have add 2 date column in Data table and that is a sample of Date table :

01/01/202 00:002023-01
02/01/2023 00:002023-01
03/01/2023 00:002023-01
04/01/2023 00:002023-01
05/01/2023 00:002023-01
06/01/2023 00:002023-01
07/01/2023 00:002023-01
08/01/2023 00:002023-02
09/01/2023 00:002023-02
10/01/2023 00:002023-02
11/01/2023 00:002023-02
12/01/2023 00:002023-02
13/01/2023 00:002023-02


and this is DAX code :

    "YEAR-WEEK", YEAR([Date])&"-"&RIGHT("0"& WEEKNUM([Date]),2))
 In addition the link between the table.


Wait what?  Is it Week-in or Date-in in your fact table?

They have week IN and date IN in my fact table I have modified this table to match with my problem. They have two temporal dimension in this table because I must have the Date IN for have the Week IN and the Date OUT for the Week OUT. 


The Date IN column are link with my Date table but I don't know if it's good to link with this column ?

oh yes, it is much better than having to link via the week number. You always want to link at the lowest possible granularity level to avoid M:M relationships.

I have find a solution for my problem.

Super User
Super User

Do you have a Week table in your data model?

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