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I got task for caluculation of weightwage could please help me out on this.

You are required to build dynamic dashboards using the provided data in this spreadsheet.
The dataset contains team and player performances and details for Seasons 1 to 10 in IPL.
Feel to create data source that you want to use on PowerBI/Tableau based on this sheet.


The below matrix provides an idea of player composition i.e. the weightage of each parameter corresponding to the player type,
which can be used to calculate a Player's individual rating or score.


Player Type                    Runs     Wickets         Catches     R/Os
Batsman                         0.5          0                   0.25         0.25
Bowler                            0             0.5                 0.25        0.25
Batsman All Rounder     0.35        0.15               0.25          0.25
Bowler All Rounder       0.15        0.35                0.25           0.25

Please provide solutions for the below questions. Feel free to take any assumptions wherever necessary -
1 Create a dynamic dashboard on how team performance has changed over the seasons
2 Generate and analyse player compositions to come up with charts on player performance
3 How does the team's winning ratio change against different stadiums.
4 Generate some interesting insights on teams and player (use your creativity)

Super User
Super User

@Shaikrazak this Community is all about learning and helping others that want to learn.  If you could please first attempt your assignment question yourself, it would be greatly appreciated.  From here, if you struggle with a specific area, I am sure there will be some members that will be kind enough to assist you.

If I have posted a response that resolves your question, please accept it as a solution to formally close the post.

Also, if you are as passionate about Power BI, DAX and data as I am, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, queries, or if you simply want to connect and talk to another data geek!

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