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Helper I
Helper I

How to set custom color to the copied reports from dataset


is it possible to set custom colors for reports, that are not comming directly from the dataset? I have a json file with the custom colors, it does work on the report A comming directly from the dataset (when I open the dataset in desktop, the report I see), but in the copy, second report B from the dataset, I have the old schema again, and I am not able to choose it anywhere online. I cannot download it, because it would create a new dataset by uploading again. Is there any solution for those second/copy reports? Sometimes we have one dataset and 15 reports and would like to have the A colors in all 15 reports.




It would be great, if we could define the custom colors as default in our company, but I didnt find the way, how to do it.


Thank you. 


Helper I
Helper I

@amitchandak thank you, but I cant do it in desktop, thats the problem - by uploading, I would get new dataset. In online, I dont see any option. 




@Dohaje , I think this is a Power BI App, not a Power BI Desktop App. Please check that.


The power BI window app is similar to the mobile/web app.


Are you trying to do theme change in App?

Hi @amitchandak

I want to change it online, not only on desktop. I cant find, how it is called. This is my "front page"


There is a tab "Apps", but we dont use it. I normally go to a workspace, where we have datasets and reports:


When I download the dataset to desktop, where I am able to change the colors, and upload the dataset again, I see the new colors only in the green report, the one with the same name as dataset. The red reports have the same old colors. And I am looking for the way, how to put the new colors to the red reports, that I cant open in desktop, I have to do it online - is it possible?


Or second possibility, which would be perfect - change default Power BI colors for our company as it is possible in excel: 

Change a theme and make it the default in Word or Excel - Microsoft Support


Thank you very much. 🙂

Super User
Super User

@Dohaje , Based on what I got. Export the theme from the report of first file and import it in another file.


Option under View Tab



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