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How to merge two tables with different countries, country names and country codes in Power BI?

I have a little problem in Power BI. Having the following two simplified tables, I would like to merge them in order to have population and land area of the countries listed in the first table which are also listed in the second table.


However, the problem is, that the country names and country codes differ in both tables, e.g., The United States/ United States of America and USA/ US. Therefore, in Power BI, when clicking on merging, I cannot choose a column which both tables have in common and inserting an index column does also not help.


That is, given are the following two tables:


Country CodePopulation 2021
United States of AmericaUSA331893745


CountryCodeLand area 2021
United StatesUS9147420

And the table I would like to produce is:


CountryPopulation 2021Land area 2021
Andorra 77354470
United States of America3318937459147420


I am new in Power BI and do not see a solution right now.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage



There is one way in power query,




You can merge the table by either Country or Code or both as marked in above image,


Tick-marked the Fuzzy Matching option...

After that add range between 0.0 to 1.0 in Similarity threshold, which is basically how many percentage you want to match the selected columns.


In that box you have to try different figures to get maximum matching rows.



Or you can fetch the data from public page like Wikipedia in which country names are same and you can proceed merging.



Hope this will work for you.


Idk how to do it

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