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Helper I
Helper I

How to make different columns can be continued into 1 column and shown in a new table (Not combine)

Hi experts:

      The inspectors will input the below original table every day, I hope to create some charts in Report View page to show the defects quantity changes by the inspection date, product name, product type, so I need to create a new table, the new table will create rows by each defect, you can refer to the new table, because there are 9 defects in total in the original table, so the new table will have 9 rows, could you help check how to create the new table? 


Original Table

Inspection DateProduct NameProduct TypeDefect 1Defect 2Defect 3Defect 4
2023/1/1ASwitchBox BrokenSoldering FailLow BatteryProduct Scratch
2023/1/2ASwitchLow batteryProduct Scratch  
2023/1/3BMouseProduct broken Low battery  
2023/1/4BCableCable Disconnected   



New Table

Inspection DateProduct NameProduct TypeDefect 
2023/1/1ASwitchBox Broken
2023/1/1ASwitchSoldering Fail
2023/1/1ASwitchLow Battery
2023/1/1ASwitchProduct Scratch
2023/1/2ASwitchLow battery
2023/1/2ASwitchProduct Scratch
2023/1/3BMouseProduct broken
2023/1/3BMouseLow battery
2023/1/4BCableCable Disconnected



Super User
Super User
Super User
Super User

you need to make a duplicate of the table and then delete the unnecessary column and do what was shown in the video

Super User
Super User

Hi Ahmedx:

   Thank you very much for the reply! It's clear for me now!!!

   But I still have a question, I don't want to edit the data in the original table, because there are multiple columns in it, so I want to create a new table only contains the Inspection Date/Product Name/Product Type/Defect, could you help tell me how to make it?

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