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How to get the latest flag based on multiple rows and only display this

Hi there, I have an issue I am trying to resolve in my calculated column and am hoping someone can help?


Currently I am using a calculated DAX column to identify if someone is a new client based on if they have had a service in the last 6 months or not. It is working fine, however if someone has a new service, but then has a subsequent one afterwards then they are appearing twice as both new and existing.


What I would like to do is have this person in this scenario display as an existing client as they have had multiple services in the last 6 months. Example of what my table would currently look like below:


Person IDNew Client Flag


This is the DAX I am using in my calculated column:


New Client? =
VAR pers = 'Appended Event Data'[Person ID]
VAR datetocompare = 'Appended Event Data'[Event start date]
VAR disregard = 180
VAR Prev_LT_serv =
CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('Appended Event Data'),
    FILTER('Appended Event Data','Appended Event Data'[Person ID]=pers),
    FILTER('Appended Event Data',AND('Appended Event Data'[Event end date]>=datetocompare-disregard,'Appended Event Data'[Event start date]<datetocompare)),
    FILTER('Appended Event Data','Appended Event Data'[Service Length] = "Long Term"))
    IF ( Prev_LT_serv>0, "N", "Y" )
Any assistance is much appreciated, and thanks in advance!
Super User
Super User

@puzzle , refer the new customer logic

Period over Period Retention :



CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('Appended Event Data'),



Hi there, thanks for your reply.

I've given this a go, created 2 measures and a calculated column which doesn't seem to be working?


CLients accessing LT service = CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('Appended Event Data'),
                                FILTER('Appended Event Data','Appended Event Data'[Service Length] "Long Term"))
LT Service within the last 6 months? = CALCULATE([CLients accessing LT service],DATESINPERIOD(Dates[Date],ENDOFMONTH(Dates[Date]),-6,MONTH))
New Client V2 = CALCULATE([LT Service within the last 6 months?] > 1)
Expecting to see anyone with more than 1 Long term service in the last 6 months appear as "True" and therefore not a new client, however everyone is returning as false.
Any ideas?

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