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Helper I
Helper I

How to get date one less than date in calendar?



I have a table which contains Customer ID, Order date and delivery date.

I need to create two visuals. One visual will contain customer ids whose delivery date is one less than date in calendar. And another visual will contain ids whose order date is either one less or current date's date. 

For instance on 3rd Nov, give me all ids whose orders were delivered on 2nd Nov. And give me all ids whose orders were confirmed either on 2nd or 3rd. I have tried this dax but it returns nothing. 

Most Recent Day =
var SummarizeTable = SUMMARIZE('Day after delivery','Day after delivery'[custid],'Day after delivery'[deliverydate],"DayGap",[DayGap])
var FIlterTable = FILTER(SummarizeTable,[DayGap]>0)
var MinMeasure = MINX(FIlterTable,[DayGap])
CALCULATE(MAX('Day after delivery'[deliverydate]),FILTER(FIlterTable,[DayGap]=MinMeasure))



This Dax does give me last day And I can count customer ids against each date. But I don't know how to list those. When I try to list those ids it throws garbage values.

VAR CurrentWeek = MAX('Calendar'[Date])
VAR LastWeek = CurrentWeek - 1 -- Assuming each week is 7 days




I have done this to get one less delivery date but this returns nothing. 

PreviousDeliveryDate =
VAR ChosenDate = SELECTEDVALUE('Calendar'[Date])
VAR PreviousDate = ChosenDate - 1
MAX('Day after delivery'[deliverydate]),
FILTER('Day after delivery', 'Day after delivery'[Deliverydate] = PreviousDate)



Edit 3:

This Dax works fine but when I add customer id column next to it then all the customer ids are displayed regardless of which date they were delivered:

PreviousDeliveryDate =
VAR ChosenDate = SELECTEDVALUE('Calendar'[Date])
VAR PreviousDate = ChosenDate - 1 VAR LastWeekEndDate = CALCULATE(MAX('Day after delivery'[deliverydate]), ALL('Day after delivery'), 'Day after delivery'[deliverydate] = PreviousDate)

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @fatimaarshd ,


Due to I don't know your data model, I will give you some suggestions

Please try ALLEXCEPT() function.

PreviousDeliveryDate =
VAR ChosenDate =
    SELECTEDVALUE ( 'Calendar'[Date] )
VAR PreviousDate = ChosenDate - 1
VAR LastWeekEndDate =
        MAX ( 'Day after delivery'[deliverydate] ),
        ALLEXCEPT ( 'Day after delivery', 'Day after delivery'[custid] ),
        'Day after delivery'[deliverydate] = PreviousDate


Best Regards,
Rico Zhou


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Super User
Super User

You seem to be close to the solution.  Subtracting 1 is an acceptable approach.


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