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Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

How to get a short form of Month ( "Format" is no longer working on my end at least)

Hi all,


Anyone can help me with changing the Month into short form. For example, January to Jan.

I've beening reading quite a few answers which suggested using add column = Format([Month],”MMM”) 

But all I got is the error message saying :

"Expression.Error: The name 'format' wasn't recognized. Make sure it's spelled correctly."


Can anyone help me with that?




Community Champion
Community Champion

If month contains month name like January , February etc. Then you can use by creating new column


Short Month = LEFT (Table[Month],3)


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Proud to be a Super User!

Super User
Super User

Hi Julia,


If you're getting that error message, you must be creating the column in Power Query, which would be my preferred place to add columns where possible 🙂

Assuming that [Month] is of type date, you can add such a column using the expression:


=Date.ToText([Month], "MMM")


FORMAT is a DAX function, so you can only use it to create a calculated column after loading the data to the model and clicking "New column" on the ribbon or in the context-menu of a table in the Fields list.




Owen Auger
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Ok, maybe too early for the success. Is that true if I add column in the field, it's not making any real change in the query? Because I need this column for adding another column.

If data is consistent in that column, it will not affect your current query

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is that true we cant see it in the power query. In the end I'm able to add another column in the field but not the query.

Thank you Owen! Yes, you are right! Because I'm in that power query! I got out of that editor and tried in the field, the format is working! However, I think the format only works when it's date format, right? Mine is text.

Super User
Super User

@JUJU_628 , you need to give Date, seem like you are giving a text



Thank you! Yes, I realised the it's the text not the date.

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