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How to convert negative numbers into positive numbers

Hi all,


Apologies in advance if this has been answered before.


As the subject suggests; How can I convert negative numbers into positive numbers?



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Hi Guys,

I saw the Answer on how to convert negative to positive values and I did it ! Now I have new column with positive values ( which are Ex negative values)

Now I try to use formula SUM to sum up the values, no error in measure. But when I put the measure in Visual, it shows blank. 

I already corrected the Data type: Decimal Number (which is true) and Format: Currency, and Summarization: SUM

Nothing helps. Please help!

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

This is strange. Have you thought about going into the 'Table View' of your report and looking at the values that are actually in the new column? If they are blanks in there too, your formula is wrong somehow.

If they're NOT blanks, the visual might be influenced by page filters (I've been here too many times :)). Try opening a new page without any filters and adding the measure there in a new visual. 

Hope this helps!

yes you are correct @AliceW  .. Thanks for the Tip>

It is just a date filter issue. I never realised that until I compare the row count with Excel file. Sometimes we have to go outside the box to fix things! thanks 

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

My pleasure, @KaviKumaran ! Keep on writing DAX 🙂

Advocate I
Advocate I

Calculate column, from negative to positive and keep positive as positive.

= each if [COLUMN] < 0 then [COLUMN] *-1 else [COLUMN] *1)

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Thank you for your solution! I'd also add that it also works for measures.


Advocate I
Advocate I

You could also highlight the column in the query editor and right click, select transform, and choose absolute value. That would give the positve number outcome you're looking for. 

Super User
Super User

@Len - You might have to wrap it in an IF statement if you want to preserve already positive numbers. 


You could also use the ABS function (absolute value)


You cold also multiple by -1, "[Column] * -1"


With ABS you could get rid of negative numbers while not impacting the positive numbers.

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Community Champion

Just put a "-" or a "0 -" in front. A double negative is a positive.


For instance, I have a measure that calculates lost opportunities, intended to be used on a column chart along with a net gain measure. What I want is for the loss to be a descending column below the 0 line, and the gain to be a positive column above. The basic calculation of each is a sum, so they normally both return a positive number. So my formula instead is:


Lost Opportunity = 0 - CALCULATE(

SUM(Items[Forecast Amount]) - SUM(Items[Actual]),



Items[Status] = "Cancelled"




Elsewhere I have another measure that requires the positive number version of Lost Opportunity, so:


% Lost = DIVIDE(-[Lost Opportunity], [Total Gain])


Lost Opportunity already returns a negative number, so -[Lost Opportunity] converts it back.


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