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Helper I
Helper I

How to better work with this data (slice or filter it)

Greetings, i have this data where i evaluate some conditions on 3 different weeks, so the columns repeat and are separated visually by the green columns.


I can work fine with the data, doing count, clasifying it, etc.

*Sorry most info is hidden, its spanish anyways.


i made new columns to group all the same conditions on different weeks so i can show them on a ring graph, i can slice the info by Risk (Riesgo), and Week (Semana), and info on the visuals get sliced. What i cant do is to slice the other visuals by clicking on the ring graph, i usually create a new paramenter with all the columns i want to make a slice, but is not working. I wouldnt want to unpivot columns for this.


The problem is how the data is arranged, like a table and filling it with 1s and 0s, and that i need to filter/slice by columns instead of row data like usual.






Super User
Super User

@DanS446 , All visuals should filter other visuals, unless you stopped interaction. But, if you have created a visual, say pie only on measures no legend. then it will not filter other visual


Pie, visual has default interaction as a highlight when filtered by other visual, which means it will only fill. You can change that to filter using edit interactions under format


How Interactions Work- Split Page using interactions to compare -

Thanks, i noticed it needed the other field for it to work, but since the data is from many columns i cant seem to find a way to keep the same display arrangement with legends field. The chart expects you to have a single column with different data. Im not sure if i could have the data in a different way, like just one column as "status" and a different number value to represent each of my columns (since they fill with a 0 or 1). The problem is that a single row item can have many of the columns status at the same time, and i dont think you can put mutiple values on a column and then filter for "any containing X", like using "text.contains" but for a filter/slice, ill try if a filter with bookmark as a button does the job.


Even for doing a slicer, if i add multiple fields it just try to use first as a parent and the rest as nested childs, i had to do a separate slicer for N-2. N-1, N, to filter the data by any of those.

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