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Helper I

How to authorize user in Power BI Report and Daskboard

Dear Everyone

I have a dashboard and report that is used for 34 Properties. There are many different people will use this report.


And the security requirement is that Manager in Property 1 can not allow to see the number in report and data of Property B.


Each property have about 10 person need to use this Report who belong to different cost center. And the head of deparment 01 can not allow to see the number and data of department 02.


My question is how can I authorize user by Property and by Cost center.


Thanks and Regards,

Thuan Van Tang

Community Support
Community Support


I don't see how is your data look like but generally you are able to assign data access using RLS. Something like this: 


Dear pazhen

My solution is use :Userprincipal funtion to define the user login file in User table.

And, Use switch(true(),..) in managing role.

With this, can maintain very quickly for more than 500 people with one dax funtion in managing role in term of individual segement and multipul segment.


Resolver IV
Resolver IV

Hi , 


You  must create RLS on the Power BI model . Essentially creates roles by property and assign users to these roles based on your requirement . The Roles can be created in the PBI desktop . FOllowing link should help .





Dear Mitsu

I have tried with row-level securtiy,

It already work in case each person only see each segment.

How can i authorize for one user who can view many segment or all segment.

For example: Email: thuantv can see HTL01 and HTL10


This is my Dax in Row level security in which user1 is measure = 


[Property] = Switch(true(),
'Authorization user'[User_1]="","HTL01",
'Authorization user'[User_1]="","HTL02",
'Authorization user'[User_1]="","HTL03",
'Authorization user'[User_1]="","HTL04",
'Authorization user'[User_1]="","HTL05",
'Authorization user'[User_1]="","HTL06",
'Authorization user'[User_1]="","HTL07",
'Authorization user'[User_1]="","HTL08",
'Authorization user'[User_1]="","HTL09",
'Authorization user'[User_1]="","HTL10",
'Authorization user'[User_1]="","HTL08",

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