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Helper II
Helper II

How to apply the top N Manufacturers in the view as a filter to other sheets? Need Help

Dear Experts,


I do have a power BI file which contains annual data for 2018,2019,2020, and 2021. For all these years, I have constructed seperate sheets as pe the business requirement.  Below is the constructed data model.



Below is the power bi visual constructed using three slicers and a parameter.



Slicer description


Category - This is the main value category. When selected sales value, it is taking out the sum of sales 2018.  Quantity will be taken out sum of quantity 2018


Top/Bottom - The ranking need to be based on top to bottom. If we rank the above caegory value to top, then the values are arranging to the descending order


Filter - In this slicer, if we put All, that will take out all the manufacturers in the data base and will rank it accordingly. If we switch the value to Top N, that will limit the ranking and take out the values according to the given parameter. 




What I need is , lets say we are selecting top 10  manufacturers based on sales, so it will take out 10 manufacturers in 2018 sheet. So that 10 manufacturers need to be shown in the other sheets as well. That means if we selected, Top N from the filter slicer and limit it by 10 manufactures, the selected 10 manufacturers need to be filtered in the sheets of 2019,2020 and as well as 2021. If we select all, all the manufacturers in 2018 sheet need to show in 2019,2020 and 2021 sheets.


I have built everything up to the ranking level. But I dont know how to apply the shown values as a filter to other pages because they are running from different data sources.


Can you help me to sort this? I have attached the PBIX file for you

Super User
Super User

@SriGaG1 , Create a TOPN and measure and use that as visual level filter and check that it not blank



@amitchandak  Thank you for the comment. But it is not working for my workbook. The visual table is consisting 57 columns and i is keep loading. Not working. Since this is a dummy file, this is working for the attaced workbook. 


Is there any way to limit the manufacture table from back end based on the ranking slicer?

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