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How do I show my value as a percentage in a visual?

Hi All,


I have a set of data in Excel already formatted as percentages (2 decimal point) which sums to 100%, see table below.


 Age profile - 2015 to present (%)Age profile - 2005 to 2014 (%)Age profile - 1995 to 2004 (%)Age profile - 1985 to 1994 (%)Age profile - 1975 to 1984 (%)Age profile - 1965 to 1974 (%)Age profile - 1955 to 1964 (%)Age profile - 1948 to 1954 (%)Age profile - pre 1948 (%)


In my query editor on Power BI, the figures are shown as below.




and when I create a stacked bar visualisation, the percentages are not represented but only as a decimal.




How can I show these values as a percentage out of 100%, including on the axis. I have tried changing the data type in the query editor but still to no success.


Help would be appreciated.





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Try set the measure as Type: Decimal, SubType: Percentage



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I hope this shows up as a new request.


I have this same problem. However I only want the % formatting in certain cases not on all uses of the field. I have a field that is 1s and 0s. If I add the field, I get a total which is what I want on one visualization. But on other visualizations on the same tab I want to take an average. So for example if I have 10 rows and 7 of them are a 1 and 3 of them are a 0, then the total is 7 and the average is 0.7. 


On one visual I want to show the 7 and on another visual I want to show 0.7 but formatted as 70%. If I follow the instructions then all uses of that field get formatted as % which is not what I want. 


thanks in advance! 

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Hello everyone


Does this work with Power BI Desktop version?


I have October Update version of Power BI Desktop. I am trying display values as percentage in a bar chart. But somehow "Formatting" section under Modeling is grayed out to me.


I am getting data from a SQL server Analysis server (I dont know if it matters)


Please help me. Thanks in advance



Did you select column before viewing the Modeling section. Without selecting any column from the fields section, formatting will be grayed out.

Thanks for responding. 


Yes I selected the bar chart which I want to change from values to percentage. Also I tried by changing to table or other visuals if Formatting will be available. But no luck


It's not about selecting the visuals.


Select a column and then check with modeling. 

You can see in the image, I selected BudgetMSPricing and gives me Formatting options.

Its strange. I have tried selecting column as well. But no luck.


Its strange. Formatting is always grayed out irrespective of which column I selected or which Visual I selected


Thanks for responding


Try closing you file and re-open. can you share your file..?

Thanks a lot friend. You saved my effort.

Infact It was neither getting activated for me as well. Because I was just clicking on the fields to get it selected.

But your picture made it easy. I understood I was not selecting the field but just clicking it.


This saved my half day's effort.

Looking forward to more of your useful tips.

Thanks Again

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Try set the measure as Type: Decimal, SubType: Percentage



IT FINALLY WORKED!!!!! HALLELUJAH!! Thank you a thousand times!!

Thanks Cabelo!

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