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Helper I
Helper I

How can we build Live Charts?

My intention is to build a live chart, time series, to show customer activity realtime, like if a new order comes in then powerbi shows it up in dashboard, or something like aggregates of online sales for evey 1 min.


@iLikeAzureSQL The only method I am aware of that will automatically update the tile is Azure Stream Analytics. As ASA uses Power BI from that tool, and pipes in the information to the dashboard.

Using Live Connect to a SSAS instance or Direct Query doesn't automatically update the tiles when the backend is refreshed. They are on a ~15 minutes cycle. If you were to interact with the reports directly, you would see the changes, but it sounds like you are talking about a dashboard tile.

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I connect to a live stream analytics dataset, but my report is not refreshing by itself, I need to refresh manually.  Am I missing anything here?


Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) makes it easy to set up real-time analytic computations on data streaming from devices, sensors, web sites, applications and infrastructure systems. It supports a powerful high-level SQL-like language that dramatically simplifies the logic needed to visualize, alert, or act on incoming events in near real-time. Please refer to the link below.



Charlie Liao

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual



If you're willing to wait for hourly updates (which is still fine in most cases as nobody will be staring at a screen 24/7), then just maintain/update the 'source' data in OneDrive. Power BI automatically refreshes hourly.




Community Champion
Community Champion


There are few ways to do that.

1. Use power bi DirectQuery feature and connect live to data source that gets updated real time. As you interact with visuals in power bi data source is queried and you get live data.

2. Use Power bi REST Api to push data in real time to dataset in power bi service.

3. Use azure stream analytics with Power bi.

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