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How can I color about the destination of original in the flow map

Hey there,


I'm working on the flow map report to highlight our goods flow from production to warehouse and then from warehouse to end user.  Based on the setting of flow map (only original and destination), I plan to take DC as my original and then both Production Site and Ship to as my final destination. So I think there are two ways for me to differentiate in between production site and DCs.


1: color the original and the production site


2: color the flow from production site to DC 


Do you know how to set up either one of above in the flow map? 


Below is my current flow map. 




New Member

You can use condition Text formatting to change the background color. This way you can differentiate between destinations and Original.

Sorry, not sure whether you mean to change the flow map background based on whether that's the original or not. If so, would you mind showing me how to do that to change the flow map backgroud for the original site? Really appreciate that. 

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