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Helper III
Helper III

Highlight selected bar in a column chart

Hi All,

I have got a column chart with 79 geographies and a slicer with the 79 geographies. The column chart is not dependent on the slicer however there are other visualisations in the page that are dependent on the slicer.


What I would to achieve is when I select a specific geography in the slicer the bar that corresponds to that selected geography should be highlighted (i.e. a different colour fill). Can someone please let me know if it is possible to achieve. 


Please see below the screenshot and also link to the .pbix file for your reference.!AubIV2PXG9p4gqhykbbmeMfFYlChCw?e=w6UABf 



Thank you.





@PVS07 , not sure what is wrong. I tried the same stuff on a new page it is working. Check page 2

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Advocate I
Advocate I

hi @PVS07  we have created a solution to this using dax .


Please check our latest blog on this :

Helper III
Helper III

I have found this great solution posted on YouTube today (8 Oct 2020) by Patrick from "Guy in a Cube" channel that shows how to conditionally highlight a bar in a Power BI Report. Check it at

Super User
Super User

@PVS07 , in case you are not using legend and only using one measure you will be able to see conditional formatting.

You have created an independent slicer. Not coming from the table or joined to the table


create a color meausre like given below and use that in conditional formatting with "Field value" option

if(FIRSTNONBLANK(Table[locality],"true")= selectedvalue(locality[locality],"green","blue")



Hi @amitchandak,


I have followed your instructions and created a new table with only the locality column. I have used this column for the slicer. However after I created a new measure using your formula it did not work. Can you please let me know what am I doing wrong? Thanks a ton for your assistance. 

My formula - 

Colour = IF(FIRSTNONBLANK(Sheet1[Locality],"true") = SELECTEDVALUE(Locality[Locality]),"green","blue")


Here is the link for the updated .pbix file -!AubIV2PXG9p4gqhykbbmeMfFYlChCw?e=w6UABf






@PVS07 , not sure what is wrong. I tried the same stuff on a new page it is working. Check page 2


I followed what you did. When I select a modality at the filter level, only one bar is displayed. how to solve this ? Thanks







Hi @amitchandak,

Thanks a lot for the quick response and solution. Greatly appreciated.  

I checked your version on Page 2 and my version with the solution that you provided initially, they both were same but for some reason it wasn't working. I removed the chart and slicer and redid it, Voilà it worked. 


You are a champ. Thank you.

Super User
Super User

@PVS07 - Not if it is the same column in the slicer and the column chart. You would need a disconnected table for your slicer. The reason is that if you turned off interactions, the visual has lost all reference to what is selected in the slicer, you basically can't figure it out. With a separate table you can. Now, this would like mean vast changes for your other visuals obviously.


But, if you had this disconnected table, you could theoretically do it by using the default color "fx" to determine the color of the column by comparing if the column matched the slicer value.

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