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Helper I
Helper I

Help to visualize my data - I would like to get a summarized of open actions per month

Hi Community, 


I have some data, where I can visualize the number of actions completed per month as shown by the blue line below. This works fine.



When I would like to visualise the number of open actions per month (completion date empty) , it does not give me data. I can get the number of closed and open actions as a number as shown above, however I cannot find out to visualize this per month.

Expected Result:

My hope is that I will get a line for #number of open actions, so I will get a line that will show me if I calculate back 139 open in may2022, 140 open (139+1) in Mar2022 and for feb 152(139+1+12) and so on. 


I have in my dataset a date for created at and completion date. Each line has also a unique number. 





Super User
Super User

Super User
Super User

@amitchandak Dear Amitchandak, I succeded in creating the lines needed. I only have one comment. 

In my datetable is dates until 2025 and therefore is given dates after today as shown on the below graph.


can you advise how to get the data to not have values after today from your below formula ? 


Current Employees = CALCULATE(COUNTx(FILTER(Employee,Employee[Start Date]<=max('Date'[Date]) && (ISBLANK(Employee[End Date]) || Employee[End Date]>max('Date'[Date]))),(Employee[Employee Id ])),CROSSFILTER(Employee[Start Date],'Date'[Date],None))




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