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HASONEVALUE() question



I'm having a few problems displaying a PDF in a report im currently working on.


Everything worked fine before the start of the weekend. However, when i tuned in this morning, something seemed to have broke on me.


I got to display a PDF through the PDF Viewer, and i got it working fine, showing the right PDF with multiple PDF's present in the source folder on SharePoint etc. 


However, for some reason, that does not seem to work anymore. I have tested around for a bit, and located the issue to most likely be due to how HASONEVALUE() works. I'm using this string to concatenate the split-up Base64 columns as a new column;


Base64StringConc = if(HASONEVALUE('Query2'[Name]), CONCATENATEX('Query2', 'Query2'[Pic], , 'Query2'[Index], ASC))
It works fine for a few refreshes when there is other PDF files present in the source folder, however, after a while it breaks and i get the mentioned white screen as output.
I wonder if there's an alternative way to filter which PDF i want in the Viewer, or if i made a mistake somewhere?
For reference, this is the data im working with right now; 
The file with the crossed out name is the one i want to be shown in my report. The source is a SharePoint folder as mentioned, where i have used Power Automate to fetch and rename a PDF every time an e-mail with a specific subject field and an attachment is sent to me, and replace the present PDF in the folder.
Super User
Super User

@tensixtyone , Are you creating a measure or a column>

HASONEVALUE should be used in measure and it check if only one value is filtered



refer if needed

Im creating a new column, as the PDF viewer doesnt take a measure

@tensixtyone , I doubt it is a suitable to function for a new column

just try

CONCATENATEX('Query2', 'Query2'[Pic], , 'Query2'[Index], ASC)

Just tried out your suggestion, however it doesn't seem to work. It adds the different PDF's base64 string together instead of seperating them

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