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Get username from person which picked a specific product from a picklist

I'm quite new to Power Bi and the basics are getting easier as time goes by. I'm positive things will get better, but now it's time for some help. I can't get the answer by searching for it.

What is am trying to visualize is which user had picked some items from a picklist, the ones with faults in it. I have the relevant data(see model), but because i have to get info from two tables i get stuck. 
I want to setup a matrix table with the rows "picklist" and "Zi", with values "username", "breuk", "te weinig", "te veel". There is only 1 fault per line, as it's by Zi(product) number.

Current connections are:
"dim users" Username -> "fact picking info" Username
"dim dates"  Date -> "fact fouten whs" Datum
"dim dates" Date -> "fact picking info" Picking Date
"dim products" Zi -> "fact fouten whs" ZI (=productnumber)

"dim products" Internal code -> "fact picking info" Internal Code (=alternative productnumber)

All 1 to * from the dim tables

It is possible that from 1 picklist there are multiple faults, but only with multiple products.

Can someone put me in the right direction?





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