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Finding the overall sum from a filter set while respecting the Play Axis slice on a scatter chart

Main objective: Display sum of all plan's enrollment from slicer group on a scatter plot with play axis.  

Dataset looks like: Tbl Name: Plan_Year

Plan number | Plan Type | Parent Name | Enrollment | Year 

XXXXXXXX    | Annual      | ABC Inc.        | 1234           | 2017


I created a measure to sum up the Enrollment over slicers for Plan Type and Parent Name. 

Enrollment Sum of Selected = sumX(ALLSELECTED(Plan_Year), Plan_Year[Enrollment]) .  However, this measure doesn't seem to respect the slicing done by Year when I make a Scatter Chart with Year on the Play Axis.  Any idea how to get to a solution?  


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Just use 

Enrollment Sum of Selected  = SUM(Plan_Year[Enrollment ]).


then power BI will take care rest. 

If you are Visual as Date, it will calculate accordingly based on date.

if you are Visual has Plan only, then calculate Sum for a given plan.


I should say that Details of the Scatter Chart contains the Plan Number.  That measure would only show each Plan Number's Enrollment over the years when I need each plan to show the sum of all Plan Number's Enrollment in that given Year and filter set.  

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