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Find Average from month totals over a specific period of time



At my org we have a score that we call "Uptime Efficiency Score". The score is totaled at the end of each month and then divided by how many months into the fiscal year we are.


In my dataset, I have the field AA_UptimeEfficiency that correctly sums correctly, but when I try to use average, it comes out correctly. I think the problem is that it is grabbing all of the zero and blank values and dividing it by all of that. I would like to either have it ignore those values and only find the average of months total instead.


Example below. If we want to find January's uptime efficiency score we would take the total (760) and divide it by 4 (4 months into our fiscal year). But instead 190 (760\4) it comes out as 27.14, which is incorrect. To add on top of that, I would need it to update for each month automatically if possible. I'm going to be honest here and say I have no idea where to start with this. My only other method would be to manually update it which I can do, its just a pain.




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Super User


So for each month of the FY, you want to divide the total by the number of months from the start of the FY till that specific month.  Am i correct?  If yes, then share the download link of the PBI file.  Also, when does the FY start?

Ashish Mathur

Yes, I believe you are correct. Unfortunately my organization does not have a way for me to share this data externally via a link. Is it possible for me to add an attachment somewhere? I don't see an option.

There is no way to attach a file here.  You have to share a download link.  When does th e FY start?

Ashish Mathur

FY starts in October. So it'd be something like uptimeefficiency\createddate month (FY)?

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