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Helper IV
Helper IV

Filtering and Percentages

My co-worker and I sample a group of accounts built the previous day. We review 30% of the accounts built by each Sheller (Sheller Name) during the previous day; how do I build a function that will return 30% of the accounts (Trax ID)s built? 


YesterdayTrax IDCustomer NamePatner CompanySheller Name
9/27/202269190-336Ephraim DomsallaZoomdogLoleta Gyppes
9/27/202255289-045Josh CastaignetAinyxCurcio Nibloe
9/27/202255154-6285Zared BernhardssonYouTubeDosi O'Scollain
9/27/202259428-135Benedetta StoneBrowsebugCurcio Nibloe
9/27/202250804-100Kasper ReddishYouTubeLangston Tonepohl
9/27/202268151-2472Rickard BoyseLazzLoleta Gyppes
9/27/202252544-254Glenine ChinneryPhotobeanJakie Rosendahl
9/27/202264058-342Sisile MatuszkiewiczPlajoDosi O'Scollain
9/27/202254569-3439Abbie ViccaryRealblabAgnola Moulson
9/27/202263304-904Meyer CawthronJalooRona Pisculli
9/27/202224385-322Jeremiah KellyKaymboCurcio Nibloe
9/27/202255910-516Nelson McCallionYouspanLoleta Gyppes
9/27/202253329-231Erika DeyesFeedfishCurcio Nibloe
9/27/202249288-0921Lotta BugbeeTagcatJakie Rosendahl
9/27/202258160-820Auroora SweetmoreSkintePyotr Pirouet
9/27/202268391-479Ramon JahnsFeedfireRoth Cours
9/27/202263629-5373Laure ShelperJabberstormKathryne Drewitt
9/27/202257902-817Izaak PesakLivepathCurcio Nibloe
9/27/202253499-3571Taite De MicoliSkiveeLoleta Gyppes
9/27/202220276-100Morse ColvillLiveZKathryne Drewitt
9/27/202253329-805Lorette BrowettBluejamPyotr Pirouet
9/27/202265903-247Alaster CordobaThoughtbeatCurcio Nibloe
9/27/202263354-625Brinn BeriThoughtworksLoleta Gyppes
9/27/202236987-2255Abbi GrisardYouTubeKeeley Busfield
9/27/202255154-5996Margit MegroffBrainboxKathryne Drewitt
Super User
Super User

not clear about this, what's the expected output? could you pls explain more?

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