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New Member

Filter Table by Slicer Value

Hi all, I'm new to PowerBI and am stuck on a request that seems pretty straightforward:


I've created a PowerBi report that is embedded in a 3rd party application.  Upon load of the report, a single filter is passed to the report to show only 1 single 'Project' record.

I have a slicer on the report that shows all 'projectbaseline' records related to the 'Project' that is passed as a filter.  The user can select a single 'projectbaseline' record in the slicer.  Each 'projectbaseline' record has a 'Created On' date field.

I would like to create a table visual that shows all 'Project Tasks' related to the Project that have a 'Created On' date after the 'Created On' date of the 'projectbaseline' record selected in the slicer.  I would like this visual to update whenever a different 'projectbasline' record is selected in the slicer.


I tried creating a calculated table for this, but calculated tables don't refresh when a different projectbaseline is selected in the slicer.

I created a Calculated Measure that contains the 'Created On' date of the selected 'projectbaseline'.  This measure does update whenever a different 'projectbaseline' is selected in the slicer, but I can't figure out how to filter the Project Task table based on this measure.


Any guidance is greatly appreciated! Thanks!





New Member

Thank You for your reply.  I'm having trouble with this part of a the 'Filter Flag' measure:


Filter Flag = IF( 'ProjectTasks'[CreatedDate]


It seems I can't select 'ProjectTasks'[CreatedDate] as this isn't an aggregate/scalar value, maybe?  So the measure won't accept this input.  Any other ideas?


Thanks again for your reply.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

I think you need to create a measure to act as a flag to filter your project tasks table. Something like:

Filter Flag = IF( 'ProjectTasks'[CreatedDate] > 'ProjectBaseline'[CreatedDate] , 1 , 0 ). Then apply this as a filter on the visual containing your project tasks where the value equals 1. To get this to work, you may need to set bi-directional filtering on the relationship between projectbaseline and projects. And possibly between tasks and projects. Give that a go and see what happens. 

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