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Fillter published reports trough Link

Hi everyone, 
I need to filter a report I have published to web, but I can't seem to get how does this works.
I got an error saying the report is not available, or it just opens it without being filtered.

while I was looking for a way to do this I got to this thread:


The author has a similar problem and says that the links that where given to him weren't available anymore.
One of the comments say:

Hello @mlarab ,

Have you found the solution?

I know  that you could do it but I do not how, see below an example:

The "Country" is parameter and the name of country a variable, if you change to belgium the data will change as well.




The link he gives in his example does exactly what I need
Here's the example:

havin the end of the url with


and the same url with


This is what I'm trying to acchieve with my own link, does anyone knows how does this work?
thanks in advance

Super User
Super User

Hey @amitchandak, thanks for the reply
I've been trough this link, and this dosen't have solve the problem I have in hand
I need to filter the link in my published report, in a way that If I change the value, the data shown in the published report changes

this link only explays how to do this to power bi web, but I need it on a web published report like the one in the example

same link to web published report, being filtered trough the field Country
I don't know how they did it, does it need a diferent version? like premium or such?

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