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Field Parameter Slicer



I am using a field parameter slicer to dynamically change the rows in a matrix table, they can select employee, contract, product type, etc. I call this the Metric Selection slicer.


I also have a slicer to change how the data is viewed by the type of data, they can select bikes or cars. I call this the Page View slicer.


The issue I am running into is when, lets say, the user selects bikes from the Page View slicer and contracts from the metric slicer a blank row with a summation of values appears. This shouldn't be appearing since there are no bikes under a contract.


What's appearing:





What should appear:



To resolve this I created a the following metric parameter filter measure:









I then added as visual filter to only show values equal to 1 which solved the issue, so I thought.


Now, when users select more than one Metric Selection, employee and product type for example, no values appear...unless I take off the visual filter I just added. But I can't remove this filter since I do not want any blank row values to appear on the other metric selections.


Ultimately, what I need to happen is if the user selects a metric selection that doesn't relate to the page view they selected no values should appear in the matrix table. Or if the user selects more than one metric selection that relates to the page view they've selected values should appear.


Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @reggiebob ,
Based on your description, you want to make sure that the matrix table displays the correct data without unnecessary blank rows or incorrect summation. We can't analyze your problem based on the available screenshots, please provide detailed test data, including the relationship between the tables, so we can better help you.

Best regards,
Albert He

@v-heq-msft Here's the link with explanations of what I want and what it's doing. I hope it makes sense: Report 

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