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Extremely Slow Connection to Salesforce since update



I updated to the latest version of PowerBI desktop yesterday.  Since then I have had an EXTREMELY SLOW connection and various row errors connection to Salesforce.  I never had this issue with the previous version.  Anyone else having this issue?   Any suggestions on correcting the issue?

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Hello @cacevedo , @Anonymous, @rmiquel, @fcivardi, @Chathurangaab

I'm not sure if folks have noticed this or not. But in the most recent update of Power BI desktop: Version: 2.33.4337.501 64-bit (March, 2016) querying the Salesforce Object appears to be working now.


It still takes a few minutes to process, but this has been working consistently for the last few days at different times of the day (both on and off peak hours) without fail (cross my fingers), so far.


I was able to download over 22,500 rows from an object, when before Power BI would crash around 15,000 or so.


Just thought I'd let everyone know in case they hadn't tried it recently.

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Painful but effective resolution:


I rebuilt my entire data model and reports from scratch in a new document.  Had the old one open to one side, then recreated the new one.  For some reason, the new document has no problem with Salesforce at all. The old one still does.  I'm sure there's something buried deep within the file but a few hours later, I'm happy and back in business.

PowerQuery Desktop...


I am totally struggling with a repeating problem.

This is a merged query to custom objects.

Top level query is to an Excel Table listing two (2) quote numbers.

The first merge is matching (left outer) to custom SFDC object "Oracle Quote" which returns two records.

Matching Quote number in first to Quote Number in second.

Still in the top level query, a second merge is to the "Quote Products", which according to my information should return some 80 matching records.

Matching quote Record ID in first (the id retrieved in the first merge query) with the Quote Id field in seconf (left outer).


Once in a blue moon this appears to run normally and completes in say a minute.

Most the time the query times out.

All the records are showing in the Editor.

It seems to be the refresh from Excel that is always a problem.


Extremely frustrating as we try to re-build our sales operations processes on top of Power Query (transitioning from lightwight, but likely to disappear one day ExcelConnector)

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This error seems to have reappeared in the December 2017 Update. Can anyone else confirm if they are getting this error again?

Hi Thomas


I've just built my first report using a Salesforce source and could probably enter the data manually quicker than PBI refreshes it.

After the August 2018 Update... some Querries to SF straight up just wont' load anymore what is going on 😞

I'm seeing the same issue as you. One particular query, and one only just won't run anymore. Even on a totally rebuilt workbook.

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It's now April and I'm still getting "Waiting for other queries and "operation timed out" errors all the time.  Once in a blue moon the data would actually load.  Is anyone at Microsoft actually working on this??!!


Also, once I publish from desktop to the cloud and set up a daily refresh, most of the time I get an email saying the refresh failed.

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This is still extremely slow and seems to only return a partial result sometimes (without a clear indication that it is a partial result). Any status on a fix?



Frequent Visitor

Having the same issues described in this thread...very slow connection to salesforce, the connection seems to time out and is not consistent on the way the tables are refreshed.


Is there a way to download and use previous builds for Power BI? If so I would be happy to use an older build if that helps with this issue.


I used Powerpivot in Excel in the past and I really like the new tool, hope they solve the issue soon! 



Power BI Team
Power BI Team

Hi everyone,


I've seen a few reports of this come through the Power BI Desktop Feedback inbox (Send-a-Smile/Frown). I've filed a bug and we're investigating the issue. Just thought I'd let you know it's on our radar :).


Taylor Clark

Hello cacevedo, elsalvador182, and other experienceing this,


We are curious if the issue reproduce in the December Update? It seems the October update was working fine until November Update which introduce the problem. I will try to reproduce it locally but was curious if people are facing the same issue with December upate.




Hi Minh


i have the latest deskstop version, and im having the same issues as explined above,


the issues are inconsitant and dont know how to go on


  1. One time the loading in Power BI desktop fialed giving 128,001 rows loading out of 262k rows saying one error
  2. Next time it was 146,001 and still with one error
  3. another time error was as explined by orginal post above saying there are blanks and linked to many to many relationships and when checked in the querry no banks
  4. another time All the data was loaded in Power BI desktop but when loaded to PBI it again refreshed only 128,000 but did not gave any error message on refresh
  5. Thus i treid this in Power Querry on Excel it worked fine and still is but when loaded to PBI again same issue not all data is refreshing

i m giving up on experimenting untill i hear from BI team, have also logged a Ticket




I'm experiencing Chathuranga's problems (see above) even with the January download.

Advocate III
Advocate III

I have the exact same problem since Wed Nov the 25th, 2015. I have had everything set to auto refresh and have not changed anything in my report or salesforce setup for many days prior. I got the error during a schedule refresh Wed afternoon and cannot fix since.


Also, Refreshing from salesforce object in desktop is extremely slow.


I get the error "Column 'Id' in Table 'master data' contains blank values and this is not allowed for columns on the one side of a many-to-one relationship or for columns that are used as the primary key of a table.


I have disabled all relationships i still get the error. I have started a new project pulled the same SF object table alone and i do not get the error. However, in report view filtering in visual level filters there is a nice big 'blank' checkbox which tells me there is a blank row in my table. I cannot find this blank row in query editor. 


Also when importing other SF object tables, the tables are loading in query editor but they are not loading into report view. They load but the tables are completely empty except for headers.

Still following this there an issue with get data from saleforce objects since last update?


Very long data pulls and it seems like its timing out and not pulling the entire table. I do not get a time out error.


Also, it will load data for some tables in query editor......but table will be empty once I close and apply and enter report mode. Very strange. No filters or relationships active, just raw data.


pulling a custom report ("Saleforce Report") works fine so its not a connection issue.

Still trying to get this to work no reponse yet from support.


Here is my update in my undying quest to resolve this issue.


On another computer, using a slightly older version of BI Desktop version 2.28.4190.122, creating a new project and connecting to the saleforce object works perfectly and loads all 158K rows.


Updating to the newest version 2.29.4217.341 on this computer and trying the exact same steps as above replicates the error I am getting on the initial computer. Loading the saleforce object stalls at exactly 12800 rows, "1 row error" can be seen in the loading dialog before loading ceases. There is no error message and only 12800 rows load.



Still having this issue.  I remember on an older version (2 versions ago?) the connection was flawless and there seems to be no movement on this from Microsoft.

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