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Helper III
Helper III

Easy way to create org chart with only employee ID and supervisor employee ID (and names)?

Hi everyone, 


Many custom visualizations require levels but I have a list of 3000 people as below:

Employee Name Employee ID Supervisor Employee Name Supervisor Employee ID 



Does anyone know of a way to create organization chart just from these details? Or how to add levels to table above?


Thank you!

Super User
Super User

You use the PATH functions for that.  Beware:  Your Supervisor Employee IDs MUST also appear in the Employee ID column.

Hey lbendlin! Yeah I tried to follow
But my results for Path column is just the employee ID and Level1 is also just employee ID 😞 

Please provide sample data that fully covers your issue.
Please show the expected outcome based on the sample data you provided.

Ah, it's a bit difficult to create an encompassing sample data due to amount/uniqueness of actual data, my apologies. But I deleted a bunch of rows in the actualy data and the PATH function works now! Since I have 9 levels in total but since all IDs are 3-6 numbers long and there is no "1," do you know of a custom visual org chart that can display my data?

please parse the Visuals store for hierachy slicers or org chart visuals.

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