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Helper III
Helper III

Dynamically show only the top values of a table based on two columns

Hi all,

I am working on a table that shows records by date and subgroups. It currently looks like this:


Users will use the slicer as they wish to show records up until a certain date. We want to show only the rows with rank = 1 and the highest rank stages. 

So in this example, if the user wants to see results before February 15th, he should see only the first row. If he wants to see results before the 17th but after the 15th, only the second row.


I thought this could easily be done with top n in the filter, but it can't be used twice. I suppose I need to write a measure that bases on the column rank stages to show only the highest value of it, while I use the top n filter on the column rank. But I don't understand how this measure can work.

I looked it up, none of the use cases I found in the forum match the issue at hand. I am at a loss as how to solve it.

How should I approach this? Please help me out 🙏



Helper III
Helper III

Unfortunately this doesn't do the trick with ties in dates. I have written a measure that I thought would do the job nicely within the visuals.

Have a look here:



The measure tie looks fine in its result. But we still have two lines appearing. Why?



because they rank the same.  Add a small random value to each of them to break the tie.

Super User
Super User

Change the slicer type to "Between"

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