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Helper II
Helper II

Dynamically Ignore Slicer Interaction

I have pretty standard star schema relationship.


FactSales Table

  • DateKey
  • EmpId
  • ClientId
  • SaleTypeId
  • GBPValue

Dim Date Table,

  • Date Key
  • Year
  • Month etc..

Dim Employee Table

  • EmpId
  • Group
  • Employee Name

Dim Client Table

  • ClientId
  • ClientName

I have a matrix set out like

Rows: Group > Employee Name > Client Name

Columns: Year > Month

Values: (Variable) Reporting GBP


I have 3 slicers on the page. 
1 is for the user to change the SaleTypeId depending on what they want to look at.  (Sales, refunds, pending etc)

2 single select year

multi select month slicer.


The (Variable) Reporting GBP measure is just a switch function



     VAR _s = VALUE ( SELECTEDVALUE ('FactSales[SaleTypeId]'))
    SWITCH ( TRUE(),
            _s = 1, SUM(....




For the majority of selections i want the matrix to only show for the single year and x months the user selected on the date slicer.


There are 2 though that when selected, I want them to ignore the date slicer and show alll years and months. (still retain the sale type id)


So in the switch measure it would be something like,  _s = 2, [(£All Measure)]


I create the [(£All Measure)] measure and use ALL() but it still only shows the 1 selected year in the column on the matrix.  

It seems to show the overall total for all years in that one year, but I really wanted to pivot the data over all the years but the date filter seems to still be applied.


Is this scenario possible to work?


Super User
Super User

@RobbLewz , Not very clear. But in such cases have independent tables and use slicer value as per need



measure =
var _tab = allselected('Date'[date])
var _cli = allselected('Clinet'[Id])

calculate(countrows(FactSales ), filter(FactSales, FactSales[clinetID] in _cli && FactSales[Date] in _tab))


You can use some other filter not to pass a filter

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