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Dropdown slicer value does not change when a value is selected in another dropdown slicer Dropdown s



Thank you in advance.


I have two dropdown slicers, one has a Product category and other has Sub category. When I change a value in Product category slicer, my selected value in Sub category does not change. Only when I open the dropdown of sub category and change the available the slicer value changes. 


Can we have a default value selected or all values selected when we change a value in another slicer?


Please see below screenshots for your reference.


Table :



Before changing a value in Product category slicer :


After selecting another value in Category slicer :


Default expected selection in Sub category :


Please help.



Super User
Super User

In fact, Once I select A in sub category, my category filter automatically restricted with 1 only till I first make clear selection of sub category. becuase they are from the same table. Certainly there is some interaction setting which is affecting this behavior. You try to find that, else just post a reference file with dummy data.

Hi @mahenkj2 ,


Thanks for your reply. The link you provided is very informative, it shows syncing of two slicers having same columns in two slicers, but I am interested to sync two different columns in two different slicers. Is there a work arround for this?

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@SpartaBI i created the suggested measure but cannot figure out how do I set the visual level filter = 1 using this measure? can you please guide here?


To answer your questions yes I have the settings between the two slicers such that sub category will not affect category slicer.



Much Thanks.

Community Champion
Community Champion

you can create a measure like: COUNTROWS(Table) > 0, put it in the visual level filters of the subcategory slicer and set it so that only 1 is selected in the filter

let me explain, i face issue when i change a value in products slicer. Example : when I change from category 2 to catogory 1 my available values should only show category 1 sub categories. But it is showing category 1 and 2 sub categories which is incorrect.




Community Champion
Community Champion

@adnan1  I understood in the beginning  😃.
I gave you the solution for that 😆
BTW, if your 2 columns are coming from the same table this should work by default like you want.
Could it be that you changed the settings in the filter interaction between the two of them so that the sub category slicer will not be affected by the Category slicer?

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