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Drillthrough using Quarter based on measure used for drillthrough



I have a questions I was hoping I could get some help with. I have a summary page where it shows revenue information based on 3 different quarters depending on the quarter selected using the date filter. In the examples, I am assuming the current quarter is selected. The quarters used in the information are Current Quarter (Q3-2023), Prior Quarter (Q2-2023), and Current Quarter - 4 (Q3-2022). Is there a way to drillthrough to another page passing the quarter that is being used by the measures to calculate the revenue.


For instance in the screen shot below, I have the current quarter (Q3-2023) selected. In region 1 it has the Current QTD information, in region 2 it has Prior Quarter (Q2-2023) information, and region 3 has Current Quarter - 4 (Q3-2022). The information is in 1 table and the filters to get the appropriate date ranges in the measures are calculated using variables. Is there a way to have the drillthrough show what is selected in the measures? So if I drillthrough on a value in region 1 it passes the current quarter info, if I drillthrough on region 2 it filters on prior quarter, and if I drillthrough in region 3 it filters on current quarter - 4?



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@ccarr1414 , For that create a calculation group of measures and use that, in that way, it can filter


Calculation Groups- Measure Slicer, Measure Header Grouping, Measure to dimension conversion. Complex Table display :


Or try this approach to display quarters


Show month names instead of Current Month Vs Last Month-

I wanted to follow up to see if you may be able to answer my follow up.

I am not sure I follow from your video how I can use the calculated groups to assist with the drillthrough functionality. I understand what you are doing using calculated groups in terms of creating a table to look like mine but I have the table created fine and the values show as expected (I have the values blended to the background so I'm not exposing info). What I want to do is when I drillthrough (to a detailed table) on the black value it will filter for the records that make up number which is from Current Quarter, when I drillthrough on the orange value it filters to those records from the Prior Quarter, and when drilling through on the green value it filters the records to Current Quarter - 4 (aka last year).



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