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Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

DrillThru Select single point vs all?



I am really struggling with drill thru navigation and have tried several things.

I do have drill thru working,  but want to go an additional step and create conditional navigation based on what is selected.  I have a button setup - and the conditional measures are returning the correct result.

My challenge, users would like to select an item within the matrix dimension (Air Seeder) - and conditional drill thru action takes them to a multi year report.   The normal drill thru process works, if the user hovers over a value within the Totals column (ie $15,762).   The user unfriendliness is caused by the "Total column' often being hidden (exceeds size of matrix alloted space)

Currently when the airseeder item is solely selected (in yellow), the button tooltip indicates a single point be selected.

When a single value is selected, my conditional measures are working - and drill thru takes me to desired page.   It's when I want to select all years, but not scroll clear over to the total column.


Are there workarounds or video/blogs that may help in this?

thank you!



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Dellis81 ,

I'm not quite clear how can you achieve drill through only when hover over the total value. By my test, when we put segment column in the drill through fields, once hover over any value of segment column we can click drill through.



Best regards,

Community Support Team_yanjiang

Hello.  My hope was to select the "AirSeeder" segment column and that would allow drill thru to ALL years.   Drill thru does work if an individual point is selected or if total column value is selected ALL years are included.


I was hoping to avoid the user from having to go mouse over to the Total column, was hoping process could be simplifed if AirSeeder within Segment column was selected.


Been doing more research on this - and not sure this is doable, other than a web url...  Which takes you to a completely new window and adds navigation confusion to the user.


thank you!

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