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Drill through with hidden field?

I have a Table visual:




And I have another page, with the full entity details, where I want to drill through from this Table visual.

I have set the Id in the drillthrough fields for the details page.

Everything works, BUT: is there a way to make it wotk without showing the Id column in the Table visual?

Helper I
Helper I

While this is an old post.  if your drill through is producing a table  list I've just added coluns to the table but then made them 0 in width with blank as the title.  So that drill through still works but there is nothing anyone can see.

I'd love to know how you managed this - I can't find column title or width in the specific column settings. Whenever I try to collapse the column down manually each row gets very wide because of the text in the colum I'm trying to hide. Closest I've got at the moment is to move the offending field off the right hand side of the table, which does mean a horizontal scrollbar

Hi Josh all you need to do is make the title of the column a SPACE.  then you can make as small as space takes up character wise.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Geims83,

Nope, current you need include the drill through filter field into the raw visual or 'drill through' option will not display when you right-click on it.


Xiaoxin Sheng

Community Support Team _ Xiaoxin
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Super User
Super User

@Geims83 , I think you need to have one column from the drill page to drill down. Can you add one more member in the drill-through list on drill through the page. 

Hi @amitchandak ,

yeah I could add another field, but it doesn't solve the issue.

If I have more entities with the same name, in the details page I have to choose first/last etc for every field.

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