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Drill Through to Filter on Specific Date Types

In my Opportunity table I have 3 date types: Created Date, Qualified Date, and Close Date.


Created Date has an Active Relationship with my Date Table while Qualified Date and Close Date have an Inactive Relationship.

I used Tabular Editor to make a Calculation group where I use SELECTEDMEASURE and USERELATIONSHIP in order to make Created, Qualified, and Close Calculation Items so I can easily switch my measures between the 3 date types.


My issue is that when I drill through on qualified or closed opportunities to my opportunity detail matrix I get those rows to appear but also the created opportunities appear. If I pull in the referenced opportunity measure it cuts down the data to the appropriate amount of rows but I want to know if there is a way where I don't need to have the measure in my matrix.


Example: March has 325 Created Opps and 200 Qualified Opps.

Screenshots below show when I have my measure as a column in the matrix and I drill through there are no issue filtering down to the specific quantity of each. However, if I remove the measure from the matrix and try to drill through on the 200 qualified I get 325 rows of data.


Thank you!

Outbound Created.PNGOutbound Qualified.PNGFilters.PNG

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@PowerBIUser23 , refer if this can help

Power BI Drill Through when Userelationship is used:

This video uses 2 solutions I was hoping to avoid, which are creating seperate drill-through tables for the different date fields or having to bring a measure into the table to filter it down. My end goal is to have 1 drill-through table that will cut the data down depending on the date type I am drilling-through on, without having to have a measure in it.

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