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Drill Downs Prevent Chart from Showing Blank with No Values

I'm having an issue where having visual drill-downs is preventing a stacked bar chart from emptying out if the page slicers have been changed such that the visual should show no data. It instead continues to show the results based on the last selection that had rows return on the sub-table with the open actions that go on the chart. This sub-table contains a subset of projects with their target dates. The the page slicer has those projects in addition to others that may not have open actions (closed out), which is when this visual should appear blank.

I've tried using the "Show items with no data" option which works, but I can't apply it to the whole y-axis bucket which seems to be the only way to use this feature. It causes too much dead space creating blank spaces for every month across an eight year span. It would be great if I can only apply this to my "Project" field but this doesn't seem possible. It does not work at all trying to apply the same setting to the x-axis.




The visual updates if drilled back up all the way to the top, but my stakeholders require that it update automatically upon slicer selection and the graph blank out if they make a closed project selection that has no open items to avoid confusion.


I've tried creating a measure and applying it as a filter to the visual where it must be greater than zero, but this also does not work:



I created a variation with a card that will show "N/A" over the graph, using a conditional based on the above measure to have the card background be transparent if it is zero, but this causes issues with layering and drilling down on the chart. When someone mouses over the filters or the top of the chart, you can still see the old results over the white card. I can't set a static layer order because the chart must be on top when utilizing the drill downs.


Any insight as to how to get this visual to clear out when the slicer selection has no results would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Sample File 






Super User
Super User

any chance you can post this sample pbix ? If you are unsure how to do that please refer to

Thank you for your response. I am unable to upload the .pbix to this site. When I try to upload, I get "The file type (.pbix) is not supported."


Does this dropbox link work for you to download the sample file?

Yep. looks like a bug. I tried with a "proper" data model including a calendar table but same result. See attached.


You can raise an issue at . If you have a Pro license you can consider raising a Pro ticket at

I'll do just that, thank you!

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