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Displaying in bar charts - with low and high metrics.

Hi all,


Couple of questions.


I know in SSRS , we can use the scale break to display bar chart with low and high metrics along the y-axis. I am trying to find out in power BI , what options are available ? how to display low metrics ( which shows up as a flat line almost paralled to x-axis). I saw a video some where to use a bar and line chart to showcase this issue. but did not work for me. Is there a better or correct way of doing this. can someone explian.


Secondly, can we use variables to display a dynamic value on a any header visuals in the report as we click on the main visual. For example , if the bar graphs have year along the x-axis and clicking on the any bar on the graph for a specific year should change the header information on all other visuals withing the report. 




Community Champion
Community Champion

@Dhan In power bi you can do similar by going to Analytics icon for the visual (see image). For second query you can't have dynamic title in visual headers but what you can do is turn off headers for each visual, then use textbox as title for those visuals and within that textbox you can achieve dynamic title. See this example.



thanks. ankit That is what i am looking for. 


but going a little further on the same subject , do you know if we can use this DAX for date heirarchy...meaning if we have date heirarchy column on the x-axis and we use the drill down from the visual ( top left corner of the main visual) , will this work to display as go down and go up ? 


Also do you guys know if there is a toll free number to call for power BI support. I am having a werid problem with power BI service in reagrds to my account (it says my account is locked and administartor will need to reset --there is no one in my office who is a power BI admin) and i need to talk to them rather than read through some trouble shooting guide.on MSFT.




Hi Dhan,


Constant line works with Data Hierarchy. I just tested it.


In addition, there is no phone support available for Power BI based on what I know, you may consider call Office 365 support and see if they could offer any additional suggestions. I suspect this might be related with license issue (For Power BI pro license).

Office 365 admin support


By the way, please share more details about the errors, maybe folks here could be able to help.



Thanks Michael,


I have not used constant line . How do they relate to displaying the year/quarter/month/day to change dynamically in a scorecard as we drill up and down in the "main" visual (top left corner down arrow and up arrow) date heirarchies. can you send me an example or a video on how tis is done.  


Hope i am explaining correctly.




Hi Dhan,


They are included in the Analytics pane, please check the article below for more information:

Power BI Desktop August Feature Summary

Apologize to say that I am not familiar with the video part.

Please check the article above and see if the video included would be helpful.

If you have any further questions, please post back.


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