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Display photos in Matrix

Hi All,


I would greatly appreciate some help on this issue!


I need to create multiple Photo Reports. However I cannot display Images with 'MATRIX' visuals. MATRIX visuals only display links (see below screenshot)...


Matrix visual.PNG


It works fine when I use 'TABLE' visual (see below screenshot).


Table visual.PNG


However, I need photos to display on the 'MATRIX' visual as I need to pivot the data... 


Here is what I do:


1. In my SQL query I add:

CONCAT('', IMAGE ,'&Large=1')

2. In Power Bi 'MODELLING' tab > I choose Data Category: Image URL


Is there something else I can do for my Photos to display on the 'MATRIX' visual?!

Here is my PBI file if you want to play around with the data:
Photo Report Link


Thanks in advance for your help.


New Member

  • Jatin Sharma 
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Anyone else would know a solution for this?

Hi @Anonymous,

The solution @prateekraina post is a great one by using the feature of Power BI. And puting a text column in VALUES feild is unsupported.

Best Regards,

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hi @Anonymous,


I just tried this at my end with some of my data. It works fine in Matrix. Here is the screenshot:



Can you share what have you kept on rows and what on columns & values?

The pbix file which you have shared is not accessible also, so did not have a look at it.


Prateek Raina

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@prateekraina sorry about the link, I hope this one works:

Photo Report Link


Hi @Anonymous,

Here is the solution:


1. Place all the fields in the Rows section.



2. Go to Format pane > Row Headers, Turn Stepped Layout to OFF.



3. Now drill to the lowest level of data by clikcing on below button twice till you reach end of the hierarchy.



4. Bingo !! You now have the desired view of images in matrix.




Please mark my answer as solution and hit thumbs up if you think i have solved your query.


Prateek Raina

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Hi @prateekraina,


Thanks for your input. However, isn't your solution the same as using a 'TABLE' visual?


As I said, I need to pivot the data to have better display options for my clients.


So, one of my fields need to go into the COLUMNS section and my IMAGE LINK need to be in the "VALUES" section (such as below).




Do you think this can be done?






Hi @Anonymous,


You should not put a text column in VALUES feild as it is meant for only fact value / numbers.

Image Link column is a Text column at end of the day so it makes no sense to put it in VALUES.


You need to rethink about your matrix design.


Prateek Raina

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