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Different slicers for single rows in a matrix?

Hello guys,


it's possible to apply for each row of a matrix, a specific slicer?


My case: I have for example, x lines of revenues: line1, line2, line3 etc. I would like to apply a different % to each row using a slicer, so also the user could play with them in the visual,  to estimate a budget for the next year.


Line1: 50, slicer at 100% = 50

line2: 100, slicer at 75% = 75

Line3: 100, slicer at 50% = 50

Total = 175


It's possible to achieve it in any way? Thanks

New Member




For example, take this table: I've 4 different lines, with a monthly split. I'd like to create a slicer in powerbi that would affect only the line with la7, another that is going to affect only RTI Video and so on. I need to do this way to show a total of the different combinations in the same table, so I can't split it in multiple tables...any ideas?

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Thanks I've seen that and was trying to do it... I can apply it to the whole matrix but not to just 1 line, how could I do it? Basically I need 1 or more slicer per line with different metrics. Fot example line1 should follow discount and quantity slicer, line2 number of idk, people working there etc... But all together in 1 matrix so I could see the whole total and also do some other analysis...thanks

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