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Determine if variable Greater than (lesser than) group upper (lower bound) for the ground

I am have an issue in replciating an Excel sheet in Power BI. The background is I have a matrix of data (Metrics as Columns, Companies as Rows, and the Metric values as values. Therefore, my orignal matrix looks like this




I have been successful in calculating the upper and lower bounds for the data using the following code. (Taken from here basically


Outlier = 

VAR SelectedUnit =
VAR LowerQuartile =
ESG_Data, ESG_Data[Metric_Value],

VAR UpperQuartile =
ESG_Data, ESG_Data[Metric_Value],

VAR InterQuartileRange = UpperQuartile - LowerQuartile
VAR OutlierThresholdLower = LowerQuartile
- InterQuartileRange * 1.5
VAR OutlierThresholdUpper = UpperQuartile
+ InterQuartileRange * 1.5



I can reconcile the values of the OutlierThresholdUpper and OutlierThresholdLower when I return them with the calculations in Excel. Next I want to count for each row (the tickers) how many times they have a variable which is an outlier and how many variables are within the upper and lower bounds.


When I try an IF statement like below (I could not get the SWITCH approach to work)


if (

SelectedUnit <= OutlierThresholdLower
|| SelectedUnit >= OutlierThresholdUpper, "Outlier",



The result suggests all metrics for all firms are outliers. The issue no dount relates to the SelectedUnit variable. What I cannot get to work is getting Power BI to compare the Measure with orginal values for each row and column.

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Try wrapping the table in each PERCENTILEX.INC function in ALLSELECTED. This will remove the filter context for a specific row (ticker) in the matrix, using only filters external to the visual. Example:


VAR LowerQuartile =
    PERCENTILEX.INC ( ALLSELECTED ( ESG_Data ), ESG_Data[Metric_Value], 0.25 )


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I did try this and above is the result when I return the upper outlier. Obivously not what I was hoping, I need the values in each particlar colum to be the same. Its like I need an allexcept but I cannot get the syntax to work




If you could share your sanitized pbix using one of the file services like OneDrive, that would help.

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Link Hopefully this link will get you to the file.

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