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Helper III
Helper III

Defer savings, allocate to 2 fiscal years

Hi experts,

Im trying to build a dax formula to allocate savings in two fiscal years, taking into account the starting date of the implementation.

For example: Description 1, the total amount of the saving is 145 K€. As the fiscal year is from 30/06 to 31/07, and the starting date is 31/01/2020, i would like to allocate the total amount in FY21 & FY22 based on the days elapsed in each fiscal year.

To make my question clearer, im attaching a screanshot of the structure of the tables and the desired output.

Thank you!!






Super User
Super User

Please provide sanitized sample data that fully covers your issue. If you paste the data into a table in your post or use one of the file services it will be easier to work with. Please show the expected outcome.

thanks @lbendlin and sorry for not being clearer in the first post.

I am attaching the excel file with my explained calculations and the pibx file in case it helps.

Thank you for providing the sample data. Couple of comments:


- Your calendar table is extremely heavy (way too many columns) yet it does not over the required date range

- Your fact table is missing the Final Date column - please add.

- your FY18 has 366 days, but your FY19 has 365 days.  Please show me the deferment formula for Description1 (or confirm you want to use a 365 proxy)

- Is it possible that values would stretch over more than two years?  If yes, please include in your sample data.

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