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New Member

Decreasing total number over the course of weeks

Hello All, 



I have a list of items that are being "closed" over the course of weeks (CW1, CW2...). How do you create function (probably some measure / calculation) for running total. 

for example CW1 item open and being closed at CWn. 

I try to create decreasing line chart on total number from CW1 toward CWn.

I thought of creating columns for each week and count the open items however I cannot figure out how I can have CW1 to CWn axis.


Any help would be much appreciated! 

Thank you in advance!


Hi @flausbert


Sounds like you just need a running total (cumulative) but in reverse.  If you share some info about the structure of your tables, we can suggest some calculations 🙂

To learn more about DAX visit :

Proud to be a Datanaut!

Hi Phil,


Thank you for your answer, it indeed sounds what exactly I need.


I copied the part of table. I need to develop report on a weekly basis and show total open numbers dropping.

When a date entered, Status turns into Closed. 


An item opened, for example, 2-Dec-17 would be open several weeks until its closed. 

How I can create axis (weekly) starting from for example 10-Feb-18 and show total numbers of Open items decreasing over the course of weeks.


Thank you once again, I greatly appreciate if you could solve this one for me. I am tearing my hair out since couple of days.  





2-Dec-17 21-03-18Closed
24-Dec-17 21-03-18Closed
24-Dec-17 21-03-18Closed
28-Dec-17  Open
28-Dec-17 21-03-18Closed
26-Nov-17 27-02-18Closed
26-Nov-17 27-02-18Closed
26-Nov-17 27-02-18Closed
26-Nov-17 27-02-18Closed
26-Nov-17 27-02-18Closed
26-Nov-17 27-02-18Closed
1-Jan-18  Open
1-Jan-18 20-03-18Closed
8-Oct-17 21-03-18Closed
28-Dec-17 21-03-18Closed
28-Dec-17 21-03-18Closed
16-Nov-17 21-03-18Closed
16-Nov-17 21-03-18Closed
29-Oct-17 27-02-18Closed
9-Dec-17 19-02-18Closed

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