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Decomposition tree and BNookmarks

Hi there,

I am working on a report for a seed collection, seeds from eg. all types of cereals or fruits. For that I use a decomposition tree, working fine. But: I need to plot the data levels (in total 10) with different parameters. For example: show the data by age of the seeds or by Total Usage of a seed. Meaning also that the scale is quite different (usage eg. 0 to 10 times), while age may be from 1 till 30 years. To conquer this problem I use bookmarks and have on every bookmark Conditional Formatting implemented for coloring of the tree. So far so good, but....

When I go from for example Decomposition Tree  by age(bookmark 1) to Decomposition Tree by Use (Bookmark 2) the filtercontext is lost in  the process. I have been trying a lot of things now (Data on bookmarks, putting a slicer in between, etc), but until now have not come up with a solution. 

Thanks a lot,


Anyone who can fix this problem?!



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