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Decimal places on average, be gone!

Is there a way to get rid of the decimal point in an Whole Number column, where the average is calculated using the Visualisations pane?


I could add a measure sales (avg) = AVERAGE([Sales]) and format it as Whole Number, however I am trying to avoid adding more measures.



Microsoft Employee
Microsoft Employee

Hi @kalcey,


You should be able to go to the Format tab -> Data labels, and set Decimal Places to 0 for that visual, then the average value should be shown as whole number without the decimal point.Smiley Happy





What about card visualisations - it doesn't have that option.


I'm averaging a series of whole numbers and displaying in a card visual and want to get rid of the decimal places.  Why is the default to have decimals in the first place for an average - doesn't make sense to display an average with decimal places in the first place.


This should not be this difficult!

Solved it in the end by re-formatting the data type to "Fixed decimal number" in the Modelling tab 

Wow, I can't believe it worked, changing it to "Fixed decimal number". Thanks so much!! (I still don't quite understand "whole number" vs. "decimal number" vs. "fixed decimal number", especially after this scenario in which "fixed decimal number" changes the average to a whole number! 🤦🏽‍♀️ ).

Excellent, this worked a treat

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Thanks, great idea, worked for me.

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OMG... Thank you so much, I was going crazy.

The entire Formatting section of the Modeling tab is grayed out.  Any other ideas?  None of this is working..

You should click on the spacific column before you go to the modeling tab, then you will be to remove the decimal point or to change to column type

@v-ljerr-msft what about the same for matrix preview, where there is no option to set decimal places in format tab?

@foyiqHave you found any solution ..?

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For a table, it's under 'Specific Column' > 'Values' > 'Value decimal places'

Thanks @v-ljerr-msft !


What about when the value on the bar graph -or the tooltip- is an average?


Power BI, column values, average.png




Hi @kalcey,


The value shown on the bar graph should be changed to whole number by using the solution I mentioned above.




However, there is currently no options to change the data label format for the value or the tooltip shown up when hovering over on the bar graph. You can vote the idea here.Smiley Happy



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