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Date table with extra items

Hi there,


What I need is a basic date table with some extra items.

In 1 table I have a calender from Power BI with Year and Month (multiple years, all months per year).

In the other table I have one column with a lot of items, for example a, b, c, etc.


I need to combine these two tables so that all items repeat for every month in every year.

For example:


2020 january a

2020 january b

2020 january c

2020 february a

2020 february b

2020 february c



Thanks for your help.

Super User
Super User

@Mengeltje ,In Edit query mode


In DAX you have crossjoin

new table = Crossjoin(Table1,Table2)


new table = filter(Crossjoin(Table1,Table2), table1[A]= table2[A])


In case you join between two tables you can use summarize, calculatetable

Resolver I
Resolver I

Without seeing your tables I'm not 100% this will work, but you could try editing your query in the editor (Click transform data in the top ribbon in the desktop). Try merging the tables using a full outer join which should create a table with every item assigned to every item. If that doesn't work could you post some sample data, and I can take a look.

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