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Date of Max Transactions

Hello Power BI community,

I have an interesting formula that I'm trying to write. So we deal with daily transactions and have a model in Analysis Services that we get our data from. We were trying to figure out what our max transactions were for a given day of the week. The following DAX gives that information perfectly.


Max transactions per Day =
KEEPFILTERS(VALUES('Period Daily'[Day Date])),
CALCULATE([Total Transaction Count])


I take that and put it on a visual with Day of Week from our Period Dimension and we get:


power bi max transactions date.PNG


Now I would like to be able to display what date these transactions occured on and I am stumped. I could think of a way to do it in Tableau with LOD calcs, but I need to be able to use this in Power BI. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Super User
Super User



You can use a measure like this to get the date with max transactions:



Date with Max Transactions =
    TOPN (
        KEEPFILTERS ( VALUES ( 'Period Daily'[Day Date] ) ),
        [Total Transaction Count]

There is an article containing this pattern here.


I left in the KEEPFILTERS as I assume if it was required in the context in which you use your original measure, it may be required here as well.





Owen Auger
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Community Champion
Community Champion

how is the [Total Toll Count]) measure calculated?
if I understand the logic correctly - 179786 for Sunday means that out of many sundays there was one with this many transactions, correct?
If so somehing with LOOKUPVALUE may work

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Thank you for the kudos 🙂

It is a measure in our transaction table. Sorry does that answer the question?

Hi @Bstylee470,


I think @Stachu was asking for the formula of the [Total Toll Count] measure. And for his second question, 79786 for Sunday means that out of many sundays there was one with this many transactions. Is this right?


Also if it is possible, please share us your pbix file with One Drive or Google Drive. So that we can know your actual situation and make some tests. If you can't, please share us some sample data which can help us repro your issue.


Xi Jin.

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