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Date Table with weekday Table

i have created date table and want to find the sum of planned visits during selected date




Date Table  Visits by WeekDay
DateWeekDay  visitdayplanned_visits
4/1/2018Sunday  Friday290
4/2/2018Monday  Monday1351
4/3/2018Tuesday  Saturday1411
4/4/2018Wednesday  Sunday1399
4/5/2018Thursday  Thursday1344
4/6/2018Friday  Tuesday1409
4/7/2018Saturday  Wednesday1363


when select date from 4/1/2018  to 4/9/2018


i  need planned visit result as below



1399 + 1351 + 1344 +1363+ 1409+290+1411+ 1399 +1351


as i need sum planned visits without distinct by Visit day.



Community Champion
Community Champion

hi @Mahmoud_nabir


Try the following


a) Set a relationship between the Weekday of Date Table and VisitDay of VisitsPlanned table.

b) Set the relationship to Many to 1 and Crossfilter direction both

c)  Create a measure PlannedVistits= SUM([planned_Visits])

d) Create a slicer for Date from DateTable

e) Create a table visual with values as - Date from Date Table, Weekday from DateTable and measure [PlannedVisits]

f) You should get your result.

g) you could also show the [PlannedVisits] as a card visual.


Sample Screen Shot


If it works for you please accpet it as solution and also give KUDOS.







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Hi @Mahmoud_nabir


I hope you have 2 tables Date Table, Visit by day table.


1. Make sure you form the relationship between these 2 tables using the Date.Weekday= VisitbyDay.VisitDay columns , it should be M:1 ( Many end of date, 1 end of Visitday).


2. Pull the date ( from data table ) and SUM(visitbyday0 Planned_Visits])  into your visual, you will get the desired result.


I hope this is what you are looking for.Let me know if you face any issues.



Dear rajendran


thanks for your replay.


unfortunately it doesn't work as it result the planned visits for one week only.

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