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Date Slicer to filter the values of another Date slicer

Hello everyone,


I am new to Power BI and needs some assistance in it.


I have 2 Date Tables which have no relationship to one another, vDate Table and obsDate Table. I would like to use them as date slicer in the report, format style will be using 'After'. Would like to check is it possible for me to restrict the value of obsDate slicer >= value of vDate slicer selected.


For example, if vDate is selected as 10 Jan 2023, obsDate can only be selected from 10 Jan 2023 onwards. If vDate change to 25 April 2019, obsDate will be from 25 April 2019 onwards.


Help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Solution Sage

Sorry? I misunderstood you. I don't think it can be done

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Solution Sage

Based on your description, I created data to reproduce your scenario. The pbix file is attached in the end.!AiUZ0Ws7G26RhzWplvXkrreKYrEu?e=IcgaUD

Hello @Ahmedx , 


Thanks for your reply.


I have taken a look at the Power BI file created by you. I am using After instead of dropdown list and the method suggested to you does not work as the obsDate does not shift accordingly. The expected value should be 3 April 2023 for obsDate.



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